We want every member of a family to be valued and honored.  We want to give dignity to Mom's and Dad's and give them the resources, skills and encouragement to be the best parents they can be for their children.  We want to give children the opportunity to have great parental role models in their home to impact their future.  Parents have the greatest influence on their children.  Families matter!

$45/month will provide the following for a UGANDAN FAMILY:

  • trauma counseling
  • discipleship
  • agricultural training - inclusive of seeds, animals for rearing and tools
  • education support for the first 2 years of resettlment
  • resettlement from Acholi Quarter back to their home village in northern Uganda.


We believe that Families are important.  Partner with a Family today!


You will be directed to the SIM CANADA website where you can safely make your donation and become a Family Partner today!