We believe in Africa.

Our vision is to restore the identity and dignity of individuals and communities in Africa for generations to come.

We believe that Africa is able.

Africa has incredible gifts, skills, resources and an identity that is beautiful before the Lord.  It is through this identity that we know that Africa is able to bring positive, long-lasting transformation and development to the continent.   

Who We Serve

We serve African Non-Profit organizations that have a vision of holistic healing for the most vulnerable in their communities and that agree to our statement of faith.

Africa Arise believes that Africans understand the needs of the continent and have the ability to serve and bring restoration within their cultural context. By empowering and restoring men and women in their roles as fathers and mothers, husbands and wives we believe that children will be impacted positively for generations.   We will serve along side those non-profit organizations already within Africa with a similar vision and heart of holistic restoration.

Our Founder

Tricia deBoer


After losing her parents at a young age Tricia came to see the importance of finding her identity in Christ.  It was through this that she served low-income children and youth at The Scott Mission in Toronto for 10 years.  During those 10 years the Lord began to burden her for the continent of Africa.  After a few short - term opportunities to serve in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda she then was called to go full time.  Upon coming into a slum in Kampala, Uganda and meeting former child soldiers, rape victims and witnesses of the atrocities of the war from Northern Uganda she knew that the Lord wanted more for those in the slum.  The Lord birthed in her a vision of holistic restoration for not just those living in the slum but for all of Africa.  She knew it was not about her but it was about utilizing and empowering Africa to recognize just how precious it is before the Lord.  She believes that it is time to give Africa the opportunity to rise up and bring restoration to their own people.  It was through this restoration and empowerment of Africa in their identity in Christ that she envisions long lasting, positive development for all of Africa.   Tricia spends the majority of her time serving the partners of Africa Arise in Uganda.


SIM Canada

(Serving In Missions Canada)

We are honored to be a project of SIM Canada.  Project number CA 67099.   SIM Canada's mission is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world as they:

  • evangelize the unreached
  • minister to human need
  • disciple believers into churches, and
  • equip churches to fulfill Christ's commission

For more information please go to the SIM Canada website at www.sim.ca.  To look for us on the SIM Canada just click HERE.

SIM Canada's CRA # is 12994-7537-RR0001