There are over 11,000 displaced individuals living in Acholi Quarter that are desperate to return to their villages in Northern Uganda but that have no way to do it.  YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!


When a family is assisted in going home with our partners at ILA Uganda we provide:

-transportation of the family and household items

-assessment visit to the village to ensure the family is welcomed home.

-building of a home

-food for 4 months

-animals, feed and tools to build a pen for animals for sustainability

-seeds for growing crops

-farming tools

-a toilet

-education support for children for the first two years in the village

-regular assessment of the family after they have returned home to ensure positive development

Total cost to resettle a family is $4320.

Every donation will help!  If you are interested in helping a family return home please contact us today or make your donation right now!  Just click right here: I WANT TO SEND A FAMILY HOME. Be sure to comment that you want your donation to go towards RESETTLEMENT.  Thank you!