Since the beginning in 2010, the goal was long term positive impact and ensuring that nationals were at the forefront of the work. It was about listening and understanding the needs of those we wanted to serve, recognizing their passion and assisting them to reach their goals and potential.

Our Mission

To restore identity and dignity of individuals, communities and ultimately the continent of Africa for generations to come.




We recognize that culture plays a significant role in the identity of an individual. We take time to learn and understand the beauty of culture.


The nationals in the country we serve understand the challenges and desires of their people. They also have the best ideas of how to bring positive change to their nation. We do all that we can to ensure that they are equipped and served in the best way possible.


Every culture has beautiful components. Every individual has skills and gifts that the world needs. We are one body and we need every part of the body to do our best. Our differences and diversity make us stronger. We give platforms for nationals in Africa to exchange ideas globally in their area of expertise and share their vision.

How it all began

Tricia deBoer is the visionary behind the Africa Arise Project. She served low-income children and youth at The Scott Mission in Toronto, Ontario Canada for10 years.  During those10 years the Lord began to burden her for the continent of Africa.  After a few short - term opportunities to serve in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda she quit her job and left for full time ministry in Uganda.  Upon coming into a slum in Kampala, Uganda and meeting former child soldiers, rape victims and witnesses of the atrocities of the war from Northern Uganda she knew that the Lord wanted more for those in the slum.  The Lord birthed in her a vision of holistic restoration for not just those living in the slum but for all of Africa.  She believes that it is time to give Africa the opportunity to rise up and bring restoration to their own people.  It was through this restoration and empowerment of Africans that she envisions long lasting, positive development for all of Africa and the world. Tricia raises her own support and spends the majority of her time in Uganda serving in many different capacities to see our Ugandan partner organization I Live Again Uganda reach their goals as they serve their own nation.

AFRICA ARISE is in partnership with I LIVE AGAIN UGANDA of SIM Canada (Charitable Registration  #12994-7537-RR0001)